Club Penguin Cheats, Secrets, and Glitches

December 2, 2010


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I need a new editor for this site


September 5, 2010

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The clown outfit came back at the fall fair 2010 and when i look in my inventory 2 clown wigs

It should be at the top of the inventory but its at the bottom

July 9, 2010

Music jam 2010!!!!!!!!

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Hey I know it was like forever when anybody posted on my site but heres the Secrets for musicjam 2010:

The club penguin band are playing at the iceberg but You cant get there autograph in order to get the autograph you need to get it backstage…

Free item!!!!!!

If you go to the cove you can get the blue headphones!!!! Same place as last years music jam…

Catalog Cheats

At the top of the tree where the snow is click the snow and you can get the 3D glasses

Click the circled thingymabab  on the speaker to get a rocker wig

Chick the thingmabab next to it to get a supernova outfit

Backstage and stuff…

Go to the booth at the ski village you can get some T-shirts and The new all acsess card

With the new all acsess card you can enter the Casa fiesta

And this is what it looks like inside it

Or go Backstage

The Rest of the items in the backstage catalog isnt gonna be avalible unttill  July 15th

April 7, 2010


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February 17, 2010


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Hia!! Im back i know I havent been postin in like months

But now im  back 🙂

January 16, 2010

New pin at the iceberg

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Hi guys 🙂

Theres a new pin

Its one of those puffa fish thingymajigs


January 2, 2010

Finaly new cattaloge and happy new year

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Hi guys its icejonas im back

In the front of the cattaloge you see this thingy that lets you make your own t shirt just how ya want it

here are all the diferent t shirts

Ok here are the secrets:

Go onto the page with the penguin looking at his watch and click the mountain at the very right of the page i put a box round it 🙂

For the viking hat click the bubble with a  box aound it

click 3 or 4 times for the blue viking hat


to every one on the site 🙂


December 30, 2009

CJW, CJS ,and more!

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Hey penguins! I got exclusive Mission 11 clues! This is what Billybob from Club Penguin has to say!

We’ve heard from a lot of you wondering what’s coming up in the new year. Well, I can say for sure that 2010 is going to start off with a bang!

A new event’s on the way that will lead penguins into secret places! More games are incoming too that will test your skills!

Here’s a puffle(what can this mean?Another new color? Possibly orange?) ,a this has something to do with the Card Jitsu Water game ,and a mission 11 with the polar bear!


Thanks again to everyone for playing this year. Your awesome ideas and suggestions are what make Club Penguin as fun and exciting as it is. Hope to see you all in 2010!

In the next several missions you can earn EPF badges

  • Wooden
  • Ice
  • Silver
  • Golden

Just like in the EPF game for the DS and DSI!

The Ice And Water Sensei will look like this




water door


December 23, 2009

January penguins at work revealed

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Hey i found the new penguins at work i just know it is this cause it was out last january and i got a picture of it

Here it is:

The secret dance is pouring coffee i got it 2008 or 2007 and its so lame fo me


December 18, 2009

Christmas CP Cheats ’09

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Apom here! Feel the spirit of Christmas on Club Penguin again?

Grab the Santa Hat at the Ski Village ;)

And of course the pin at the Lodge Attic!(snowman)

And you will see a Santa Sleigh Ride Flyer all over the place!

It takes you to the Lounge.

Heres what some of it looks like

Once  you deliver all the presents, you get this Santa Suit on the sled


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